Edmond Morrissey and Honora (Leane) Lane

Note: The name Edmond, Edmund and Edward are seen on different records though it appears his name was ‘Edmond’ as this name appears on the ship’s arrivals record log in 1881. There are times however when he is referred to as ‘Edward’ and this is evident in his death notices placed by his wife and daughter.

Edmond Morrissey was born 1847/48 in Co. Kerry Ireland, his parents were Michael Morrissey and Mary Lyons.

Edmond married Honora Lane (sometimes spelt ‘Leane’ in various records) in Limerick, Ireland, and the couple settled in Brosna, Kerry, until they emigrated to Australia in June 1881 as part of the Assisted Immigrants Scheme.  They left the port of Plymouth on board the HMS Peterborough in June 1881 for the long voyage arriving in Sydney on Sunday July 17th 1881. During the journey Honora gave birth to a daughter, named Honora. On arrival the family was as listed in the ship’s record:

Parents: Edmond (33)  Honora (38)


Mary (13)

Kate (12)

Michael (11)

John (9)

Julia & Ellen (6) twins.

Edmond (4)

Denis (3)

Margaret (1)

Honora (infant, born en-route).

The family are listed as Roman Catholics, the children were recorded as school pupils with the exception of the 3 youngest.

On arrival the family lived in Sydney at Woolloomooloo however they travelled around because the couple’s last child, Johanna, was born at Kiama in 1882. They eventually settled at Jamberoo,  in southern inland NSW, where Edmond’s brother, John, was also living.

Edmond died on May 19th, 1907, at his son’s residence ‘Tyropean’, Hough Street, Paddington in Sydney. His son, John, was the informant on his death certificate.

On the first anniversary of his death, Honora placed this notice in the Memoriam section of the Sydney Morning Herald on 19th May 1908:

Morrissey – In loving memory of my dear husband and our father, Edward (sic) Morrissey, who departed this life at Tyropean, Hough street, Waverley, on May 19, 1907. May his soul rest in peace. Inserted by his sorrowing wife and family. We do not forget you, we loved you too dearly, for your memory to fade from our life like a dream; Our lips need not speak, for our hearts mourn sincerely, Our thoughts often rest where your photo is seen. Immaculate heart of Mary, your prayers for him extol. Sweet sacred heart of Jesus, have mercy on his soul.

And from his daughter Ellen:

Morrissey – In loving memory of our dear father, Edward (sic) Morrissey, who departed this life May 19, 1907. RIP. One year, dear father, since we did part, One year brings sadness to  my heart; Ofttimes I think and breathe a sigh, To think we never said goodbye. Inserted by his loving daughter, Ellen, and son-in-law Edward Carpenter.



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