Morrissey – the family of Edmond and Honora Morrissey.

This is the information to date of the children of Edmond (1847/8-1907) and Honora Morrissey (1843/3-1921):

Mary:  Born Brosna, Co. Kerry, Ireland, 1867. Married 1893 Augustus James Hamilton Courbarron (d.Bondi 1904). Died Sydney 1927.

Kate: Born 1868/69, Ireland, Married ‘Dunne’.

Michael: Born 1870, Ireland

John: born 1872, Ireland. Later lived at ‘Tyropean’ Hough Street Paddington; signatory on Edmond’s death certificate.

Julia: born 1874/5, Ireland. Married Louis Collings, Sydney, 1896.

Ellen (twin of Julia): born 1874/75. Married Edward G. Carpenter, 1907, Waverley.

Edmond: born 1877, Ireland.

Denis: born 1878, Ireland.

Margaret: born 1879, Ireland. Married 1) Thomas P. Donohoe 1909, Waverley. 2) William J. Donohoe (brother of Thomas), 1924, Waverley.

Honora: born 1881, at sea on HMS Peterborough. Married Sydney E. Fletcher, Sydney, 1905.

Johanna (Hanna): born 1882, Kiama, NSW – Died July 6th, 1942. Married 1) Joseph Phillip Ronan (d.March 1914), Paddington, NSW, 1908. Children: Agnes Irene, John Edward (aka Edward Joseph), Phillip B., Joseph Anthony, Phyllis Catherine, Patrick (born 1915, father unknown). 2) Frederick Scales, Paddington, 1916. Children: Frederick.





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